About Us

Need to go shopping but running low on energy after a long day at work?
Cramming for an upcoming exam and don't have time for anything else?
Trying to stay warm and cozy during the winter?
Unable or unwilling to drive to your favorite store for some other reason?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then BoxnDrops is here to help. Ranging from all kinds of groceries to furniture and electronics, we offer timely delivery services from a variety of stores. We also flexible delivery times that fit your schedule.

At BoxnDrops, customer satisfaction is our foremost priority. Therefore, we ensure our employees are selected, motivated and trained for the purpose of delivering excellence. In particular, all of our couriers undergo strict background checks and have no criminal history.

For our operations at the University of Manitoba, all our employees are studying full-time at the institution. The familiarity they have with the campus allows us to serve students regardless of where they are studying in the university.

BoxnDrops also firmly believes in the importance of supporting local ethnic stores. As a result, we have been working with such stores in order to create an online presence for them. Expect to find the entire inventory of your favorite ethnic store on our website. Online prices of products are guaranteed to be the same as those in-store.

Sustainability is another area of focus at BoxnDrops. The company understands the multi-faceted nature of the problem which includes, but is not at all limited to, reducing the impact of its operations on the environment. BoxnDrops works to achieve this by:

  • giving the public incentive to reduce automobile usage by offering delivery services, and hence, reducing greenhouse gas emissions;

  • urging affiliated stores to also be more eco-friendly by, for example, reusing boxes for deliveries instead of discarding them;

  • implementing a “bin program”: for a small, one-time fee, you may purchase a bin in which your order will be delivered by a courier. You will keep the bin until the next delivery which is when the courier will take it back and leave with you a new bin. This process will repeat for future deliveries. If, for any reason, you wish to discontinue using the bin, you may return it and we will credit you an amount based on the condition of the bin.

As of now, we operate within Manitoba only but have plans to expand throughout Canada and the United States in the near future.