What is BoxN’Drops


BoxN’Drops is an online platform where you can shop from a variety of stores online and get your orders delivered the same day or within an hour.


Where do you deliver?


Currently we deliver only in Winnipeg. You can shop from any listed store on our platform and get the goods delivered across Winnipeg.


What is your delivery rate?


Most stores’ delivery rate is based on the point of pickup or the store location to the drop off location. Delivery charges appear before your checkout.


My charges are higher than the total amount. Why is that?


On all orders we put a hold of $10 on top of the total. This hold is to make sure that we charge you the right amount especially if you are buying items that are sold based on weight.


How do I know where my order has been accepted or courier is on his way to deliver the order?


You can see the status of your order through our website or on the app. Once the courier has arrived, he or she will make contacts with you to deliver you your goods.



What are your hours of operations?


We operate from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM CST 7 days a week. Delivery hours however are based on each store’s hours of operations. At the time of check out, you will see available delivery timings for the store you are shopping from.


Is there a minimum amount I need to spend to place the order?


Some stores, not all have a minimum order requirement to place an order with that store.


What are the transaction charges?


The transaction charge is to cover the courier fee and other fees. It is 3.99% (percent) of the order and it appears before you confirm to pay for your order.



Can I pay cash?


We do not accept cash on delivery. This is to keep our couriers safe and make shopping hassle-free. We use one of the most secure online payment gateway to process all your payments,


How do I connect with you if I have any comments, questions, or concerns?


We always look forward to hearing from our valuable customers. You can chat with us directly from the online applications or through our website. You can also email us at customerservice@boxndrops.com and if you want to speak to us over the phone then you can call us at 1-866-567-7844 and we will be more than happy to answer your questions or hear what you have to say.