How does BnD work?

As long as the item is paid for or does not require payment from BnD at the time of pickup, we will pick it up for you and drop it off at your requested location.

Can I travel with my courier?

No. We only pick up and deliver purchased items. BnD does not transport people.

What do you not deliver?

We at BoxnDrops find pets adorable, but unfortunately, do not have the prerequisites to safely transport them at this point.
In addition, items that are not boxed or bagged properly will not be delivered. Boxes, for orders that are to be delivered in a regular size car, must not weigh more than 80 lbs.

What if unforeseen circumstances do not allow me to be present at the drop-off location?

We require someone to be present at the drop-off location upon delivery. But we also understand that life does not always go as planned. Therefore, regardless of the situation, we will always work with you to maximize customer convenience.
If you realize that you will not be present at the drop-off location when the courier arrives, please notify us as soon as possible and no later than two hours before the scheduled delivery.
If it is too late, then sweat not. Get in touch with us anyway and we will be more than happy to deliver your order to you whenever you are able to receive it. (Additional charges may apply.)
Alternatively, you may authorize someone to receive your order on your behalf. Note: The person you decide to authorize must have a unique reference number.

How can I make it easy for my courier to find me?

First, please ensure that the address is correct. You may also include additional information such as a buzz code, a phone number at which the courier can call upon arrival, whether the courier should be at the front/side/back door, etc.

Would the courier help me bring my order inside my home?

Although we would love to know you more, our couriers are not permitted to enter residences no matter the size of the order. We bring all your items safely to your doorstep and you take it from there.

Can I get items shipped to someone else?

Of course you can! Just fill out the form on our website as you always do with the right drop off address and any other information you think will come in handy and we will take care of the rest.

My question or concern is not listed here?

We apologize for that. Email us at customerservice@boxndrops.com with your question and we will be very happy to answer your questions for you.